Meggin Menzel :        The Website

 My name is Meggin Menzel, I like cooking, shooting, golfing, movies, playing cards, repairing stuff, swimming, hunting, and tv. I love heavy metal music especially black and death metal. I do not care for Social Media, nor its control over content. This is why I created this website. Plus it's awesome to have your own site.


The purpose of this Website is to talk about interesting crap that I want to share with the world, My site is currently and will always be under construction. I do not really care for Facebook, twitter, or Instagram. I'm glad that I am no longer part of that. It seems that there is too much Groupthink with things these days.

      Groupthink is dangerous. People should probably stop vying for the approval of others (I also think that this is not something that is healthy behavior). I Now have a comments section on my website. I am not looking for a reaction, I am just wanting to share things that I like 

     In other words, my words are not censored or able to be changed by another individual. The internet, early on, was about freedom of speech. It was about connecting people in the world to eachother. I met (electronically) a lot of interesting folks from around the world back then when I was on the library computer as a young pup of 18. 

   Back then I thought the internet was a great meeting place for people of all walks of life and nationalities. Now I realize most of the platforms are to divide people and conquer them, not unite them. It is a disappointment indeed.

Cannibal Corpse is a very awesome band. My favorite album of theirs is "Vile" and my second favorite is "A Skeletal Domain".
I absolutely love Immortal

 Dark Funeral and Belphagor are really excellent as well

TV and Movies

I like the Prisoner it is one of my favorite television series. Hellraiser movies are also awesome. The Phantasm is great. I have watched all of the Phantasm movies.  Watching movies and TV is really kool. Spelling Kool with a "K" is also awesome.

Here is a list of my Favorites:

Movies and TV that are Lame in my opinion


Novels and Books

The Gunslinger series is awesome

Lawrence Block books are good too, I like Borderline, and lots of other hard case crime novels. Red Dragon is a wonderful book by Thomas Harris who also wrote Silence of the Lambs. If I am not careful I am going to start typing about movies instead of books.  I used to have an HR Giger Necronomicon book, I sold it a long time ago, it is now about 400 bucks, and I'm definitely not going to spend that much money on one book. Even my love for his paintings cannot make me part with that much bread. Robert Heinlein is awesome too. Frank and Robert Herbert are amazing writers. Books about serial killers are good. The Killer book of Serial Killers. I have like a thousand books i think. The Cask of Amontillado is one of my favorite stories as well as The Pit and the Pendulum, Edgar Allen Poe is awesome even though he married his cousin I think. I'm currently reading the other Lawrence Block book that is in the library. Ironically, the book is called The Burglar in the Library.

     When I was a kid I read most of the Websters Unabridged dictionary. I usually tried to look up rude words or look at the pictures in the middle, but I learned a lot. Also, have a serious love for Maps and Atlases. Recently, on a trip to Walmart, I purchased the new 2022 USA Rand McNally Road Atlas. I never leave home without the Road Atlas. It is an amazing book. Electronic maps do not hold a fuckin candle to the Almighty Atlas. 

    The overview on electronic maps, especially when viewed from a smartphone, is absolute rubbish. Electronics break, maulfunction, lose signals, and are just plain Boring. Smartphones are useful tools, but they have their drawbacks (as with any piece of technology).