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Cleaning Squirrels

     There is a product that I highly recommend. It is called the "Squirrel Cleaning Buddy". This guy in Arkansas invented it and it is a game changer. If you regularly clean small game it works like another set of hands to hold the legs of the animal. My husband mounted the rig on the side of the shed. While I'll say that a lot of products sold online are crocks of shit, I will digress that this one is a winner. 

     Speaking of which, it is a nice day out and I will probably go squirrel hunting again. February is warm this year and I am generally successful when it is warm about 1500-1800pm. They like running,eating, and playing around that time.

      The rabbits are totally illusive around here this year for some reason. There is no shortage of crows or coons though, as they have been getting in the trash and it is annoying. The coyotes also howl a bunch in the morning or late at night (numerous no doubt). I like coyotes, but I cannot help but think that they might be better suited to be some form of ushshanka. Their howling and yipping in the early morning is somehow unsettling.