Aboot (Canadian for"About")

History of this website

    My site is just me for the moment, I really was bored one day. Had a bunch of old GeoCities sites a long time ago and I wanted a website. August 2022 it is made. I just want to share my interests with anybody who will read about it. The real reason behind the bullshit is that it is easy to store all of my pictures and stuff on the website so if all of my computers are destroyed somehow by an unseen force from this or another realm entirely, then I will  not lose all of them.

     Several cataclysmic events have happened to my computers, albums, and devices from the past and me being a worst case scenario thinker, well shit just happens. When shit does happen its a hell of alot easier to deal with it if one is slightly prepared for the bullshit of life. 

    I am certainly not one of those prepper people, as I think that is an absolutely ridiculous concept anyhow. Honestly, who is going to survive a nuclear attack, probably nobody. Also, another point, is prepping just another word for hoarding because you are scared. The fear of imminent doom is a stupid fear. When the shit hits the fan, it is just going to hit the fuckin fan, and then I'm going to cross that dam bridge when I come to it. No amount of hoarding shitpaper or MREs is going to stop it. So fuckit. I,m shittired (really dam tired) of people hoarding crap. It is selfish and rude. Leave something on the shelf for your fellow Americans. That was pretty dam obvious during the whole corona thing. Everyone started acting like spoiled, bratty, feeble-minded children. 

     In those instances I generally hang back, get the popcorn out, fold out a chair, sit down, and watch the world burn.





I cannot stand youtube

Youtube and similar video sites are absolutely toxic.  It seems like every day I hear about "influencers" doing this crap or that crap. Most of it is crap. Culture in the 1990s was bad enough and now, in 2023, we have this garbage. Kids eat this stuff up with a spoon, unfortunately. Granted, there are some videos on youtube that are halfway useful. Mechanics will post videos about fixing automobiles (which I indulge in from time to time) or computer nerds will post ones about how to fix computers. In a sense, this has revolutionized the way that people learn things. You used to have to find a videotape to learn all of these things. What I really detest on the video sites is the advertisements. They are absolutely nauseating.